Western Ribbon Snake

western ribbon snake
Western Hognose Snake?

My boyfriend's mom found a western hognose snake living in her greenhouse and we have been thinking about catching it and keeping it in a 55 gal tank. The snake is about 3ft in length already.

He doesn't want to feed it mice though (he thinks it's mean since we have other rodents as pets, heh) ... any alternatives?

We currently have a little ribbon snake that we've had for almost a year but he lives off of fish (and no, we don't intend to put them together)... so basically, we have minimal snake experience. Advice?

How convenient......I'll explain. Hognose snakes, especially wild caught, have an extremely difficult time adjusting to a diet of mice. In the wild they eat mostly toads(Eastern Hognoses eat exclusively toads and frogs). Western hognoses are a little easier to switch to a diet of mice than Eastern hognoses. I would say you will most likely have to give him mice at some point because a constant supply of toads is hard to come by. I would suggest freezing any toads when you find them to build up a stockpile for the winter months.

So your choices are :
1. Feed him mice
2. Feed him toads
3. Let him go where you found him

If you're not going to feed him what he needs then let him go. Also, if he refuses food in captivity please let him go. Some hognose snakes will simply never eat in captivity.

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