Western Hognose Snake

western hognose snake
Snakes can see colors like we do?

I sometimes use a red bulb fireglow, is this good for my Western Hognose snake?

The view - Snakes do not see colors, but his eyes are equipped with a combination of light receptors: rods that provide low vision light, but diffuse and cones that produce clear images. The complexity of the eye varies among species, because of their different lifestyles. For example, snakes living mainly underground have smaller eyes and the process only light and dark, but snakes that live on land and hunting to have clear sight vision and good depth perception. Some species, especially the boas and pythons, a visual tool second pit organs in the head to see heat sources in their environment as infrared goggles - an effective capacity for nocturnal hunters of warm-blooded animals.

Western Hognose Snake - Defense

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