Spotted Turtle

spotted turtle
do you have a spotted turtle as a pet?

what are its overall pros and cons

does it bite [I mean is its bite injurious]

Please share ur experiences

Well, one of the biggest things with spotteds is that they're not big, so they don't require a huge tank. I believe reccomended tank size for any aquatic turtle is 10 gallons per inch of carapace length (all of our turtles are in oversized tubs, so not something I keep track of a whole lot... I believe our spotted has something like 75 gallons or so) But like any turtle, there's a lot that needs to go into setup, and filters need cleaned and water needs changed on a regular basis, and proper setup will probably run around $200 (expect that to stay the same for any turtle)
Ours is pretty mellow, but as with any animal, yes, they can bite if you put your fingers in front of it's mouth, and trust me... turtle bites aren't fun... of course spotteds are small, so not as bad as it could be. Probably draw some blood, though.

Not sure if you're looking at keeping a wild-caught or a captive bred, but as always, even though they cost more, I suggest going with a captive bred specimen... less chance of disease and parasites, also, depending on where you live, I believe spotted turtles are protected through some of their range and shouldn't be collected from the wild.

Baby Spotted Turtle

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