Snake Care Sheet

i want a care sheet for a prarie king snake (albino)

wat it eats
wat watt bulb
wat size tank
how big they get
bulbs needed
and other info

I just had 10 prairie kings hatch about two weeks ago. Normally babies eat lizards in the wild, but I've gotten 9 out of the 10 to take pinky mice. Four of them took frozen/thawed, but the others I had to leave live pinkies in there overnight. Adults eat adult mice. Also, be aware that they are cannibalistic and will eat other snakes, even other prairie kings.

Prairie kings don't get real big, up to 4 foot at the most. The parents of mine are probably barely over 3 feet long. They can live their whole life in a 20 gallon long, but bigger is always better. They are strictly a terrestrial snake, which means they don't need things to climb on because they probably won't climb unless they're trying to escape, which is something that all kingsnakes are great at. They actually like to burrow, so don't be surprised if your snake buries itself in the cage and you have to dig around to find it.

For a heat bulb, a 50 watt basking bulb will work for a 20 gallon. If the tank is taller, try a 75 watt. A heat pad would also work for heat. Just as with any kingsnake, babies can be pretty nippy and like to pee on you, but with alot of gentle handling and patience they can become tame. My adults are very tame, but right now, the babies are mean as heck! They're not as popular as other kingsnakes such as California kingsnakes, so it's cool to see people like you showing an interest in other species. E-mail me if I can be of anymore assistance. Good luck!


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