Smallmouth Salamander

smallmouth salamander
What kind of fish will survive better in a pond?

Smallmouth bass or rainbow / brown trout? I have a small pond streamfed which water rarely exeeds 65 degrees. It was previously stored with rainbow trout, which did moderately well. It is full of weeds and plants for cover, also has fathead minnows, smaller fishes, and salamanders little. Ppossible redators fishermen would be King, the catfish (maybe) and otters (probably not). For Of course, I am interested in fish size and catchability, but survival is more important to me.

trout probably because low as warmer water. the bass would be very difficult to catch because they like the hot water. ou could put a small amount of each and see which works best and spiecies actions. u should also put some bluegill in the pond (if you have not already). Hope this helps.

Smallmouth Salamander Eggs

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