Six-lined Racerunner

six-lined racerunner
Six striped Racerunner?

I caught a racerunner lined six. I have a few q's. It took a while but I got it. I searched online and found it was a boy. And found someone said it was the Wildcats are better pets. I have a girl 10. tank and like 3 or 4 inches of mulch at the bottom. I have a dish of water in it, a place for him to hide and a stick for him to climb on. I have a 15 watt bulb in it. It is the right size? And another thing.

Racerunners are difficult to keep alive in captivity, even for amateurs. For a beginner, it is almost sure to die. You should release in which he found. However, if you insist on keeping, you have to make some changes, starting with, - You need a much bigger box, as 100 gallon - Need a light bulb much warmer - also need a UV lamp, as Repti-sun - You need a dry substrate. The use of sand and rocks - It takes a lot of small insects to eat The reason why the wild "pets better" is because they are all savage races, no racerunners commercially. No demand for them, they are too fast to handle, they are fragile and difficult to maintain.

Brandon's Herp Adventures: Six-Lined Racerunner

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