Scarlet Snake

scarlet snake
Where I can buy a non-poisonous snake (not poisonous) Scarlet?

and what to feed them?

There are rescue groups reptiles in many parts of the world that have snakes available for adoption. In some places, animal shelters are also available snakes. Your question does not say what country you are, much less the state or province, so you do not know which group of reptiles rescue or animal shelter to which they refer. If you edit your question to include your location, you may be able to help you find a snake near you. One important thing is that the maintenance of red snakes is illegal in some places. For example, it is illegal in the state of Georgia (U.S.). Be sure to check and make sure it is legal to own a scarlet snake where you live. In As for what to feed the snake, which depends on the size of the snake and other factors. The truth is that when feeding whole animals a snake must be pre-dead, not live. When rodents are fed live to snakes, rodents sometimes snakes that bite and cause serious injury. Pre-killed food is much more insurance. For more information on the benefits of snakes eating only pre-killed food, see Another reason to use before the death of foods is that they feed live animals to snakes often suffer horribly before dying. It is more humane to buy before the death of foods, provided that the killing was done by someone who knew what they were doing and took care to minimize suffering of animals. I'm not sure what rodents or other animals as it is first necessary in the diet of a scarlet snake. I've never held a scarlet snake, but know that in nature a part of their diet eggs of other reptiles. I've never tried to buy eggs of reptiles, so do not know if they are a practical option for feeding captive snakes red but it's something you may want to look at. A reptile rescue group will probably have an expert available who can tell about the creation of a balanced diet for a snake scarlet.

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