River Cooter

river cooter
My turtle is hungry do not stop!?

I have a River Cooter I bought at a pet store six years ago, has grown out several tanks and we love Bubba, but lately seems hungry NON STOP! in the past we had to feed once a day and some days you didn't even eat in recent weeks that "requests" that feeds all the day we fed three times a day and still want more, any idea what is happening? If you have never been introduced to the plants and the lettuce is safe before you start now? Thanks so much!

Bubba is acting very normal. The turtles feed opportunistically. That is going to eat all you can every time you can - when active, and that is the key. Spring is a sign up for turtles and get in shape, increasing the time of day that accelerates the activity of summer, and surprisingly, even long-term internal turtles seem to notice the change of seasons and react accordingly. If Bubba is getting a balanced diet of good quality, then do not have food. If you are unsure of the quality and quantity your diet check out this link. http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/Care/cs-flredbelly.htm there is also a forum associated with that site - lots of experienced turtle keepers be there www.turtleforum.com is difficult to get away from a sea of ​​mendacity, a good alternative is to provide plants and salad greens that can 'feed free "whenever you're hungry. Cooter can make a mess of these in the tank for vegetable clip - available in fish stores is a good choice for attaching Roman and other vegetables inside the tank (sludge less likely to leak that way). Food turtles can be complicated and can boost lead to serious health problems and can undernourishment. Check out the links. Add to edit - absolutely safe to start with the greens now, you can always improve the quality of the diet in feeding actively and green turtles are safe to add, including rehabilitation of animals in most cases. Do not start with the basics, anacharis as a water plant, water lettuce and frogbit are good, green leafy vegetables of Romain clip is a good start and dandelion leaves are fantastic - you can even pick out only as long as you are sure that they come from a pesticide and herbicide free zone, rinse well before using. check out the diet of the green list for different green www.anapsid.org you can add on - some, such as cabbage are not good - too much oxalic acid may interfere with calcium absorption, but Roman is a secure landfill and fresh dandelion are large (easily available in the spring / summer too):)

A Florida River Cooter

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