Reptile Living Environment

reptile living environment

Kinds Of Reptile Tanks

If you're a new iguana owner, you might be in for quite a surprise when you realize just how much attention and maintenance these exotic pets require. Many new exotic pet owners are not aware of how difficult, costly and time-consuming it can be to take care of reptiles, namely iguanas. Iguanas have a reputation for being a good pet if you like reptiles, and most people are not keen on all of the major things you need to consider to ensure he lives a long, healthy and happy life.

The reptile cage or enclosure is the most important aspect of taking care of an iguana. Without a proper cage, your reptile will not live for very long, and the time he is alive will not be enjoyable. It is vital that you think about the following things before and after you buy an iguana enclosure:

The size. A lot of new pet owners do not realize just how big iguanas can get when they are full-grown. There is a common misconception that if you keep an iguana in a small enclosure, it will not grow to it's full length. This can be a very unfortunate mistake as the iguana will soon find himself cramped to the point of feeling trapped and abused. When you go to buy an enclosure, make sure it's nice and big. A small one is fine for juveniles and hatchlings, but in the long run, it's 'the bigger the better.'

Get foliage. Iguanas are arboreous reptiles, which means they live high up in the branches of trees. You can buy an enclosure that comes complete with branches or other things he can climb, or you can simply put something in there yourself. As long as there is something for your iguana to climb on, it will make him feel like he's in a more natural environment, which should make him happy.

Regulate heat, humidity, and lighting. It is possible to find iguana cages that come with heat lamps, but most people go and buy them separately. Reptiles can't regulate their body temperature and have to rely on external heat sources like the sun and hot rocks. Getting heat lamps will simulate the heat from the sun and help it live a much healthier life. You'll need to make sure your iguana enclosure maintains a high humidity setting--at least 75%--to ensure he lives a healthy life. Additionally, you'll also need to provide a source of full spectrum lighting as this is another important aspect to an iguana's health.

If you keep these things in mind, and you shop around and compare models and prices, you should have little trouble finding and maintaining the best enclosure possible for your pet iguana.

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