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reptile cage
How can I "cat proof" a reptile cage?
My cats always end up sitting on the cage top and freaking out my lizard if I let my cats in my bedroom, which they have been banned from for harassing the lizard too much. Any ideas on something to stop them or prevent them from sitting on the cage?

They make this spay called No-Stay that you can use in diff parts of you house that keeps cats away from things. Mainly for spraying in certain spots. But take a old shirt or some sort of fabric and place it around the cage and spray the No-Stay onto it. The cats will avoid it all together. Read the label first to make sure that it will not harm your lizard. But I'm pretty sure that it is safe. This might work. I'm not going to promise you but it is worth a try. Here is they link where you can find out more about it and buy it. - Snake & Iguana Display Case Cages

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