Plains Leopard Frog

plains leopard frog
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Does anyone know of one? I have 3 plains leopard frogs are large 2 1 is also have two medium-sized toads in the same tank 1 is larger than the other is small. My question is 2 large frogs with the frog in the middle of the corner of the tank as being protected or something ..? Please, no lectures to keep them in the same tank they have been together for over a year. I just want my question answered nothing more.

I am not an expert, but I know a little about amphibians. All I can think of is that gender differences. Perhaps the smaller is a female and the largest are men. That could be the type curves to hold off in turn duke it out. Since I do not think they are showing any aggression towards others, not sure if this is the case. It's the only thing I can think itself. You could try calling a pet store that sells them, or a breeder. They should be able to tell a little about their behavior.

Plains leopard frogs calling

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