Ornate Box Turtle

ornate box turtle
How long can an ornate box turtle stay under water?

My turtle sometimes flips over in the water in her tank and i am worried that if im not home she might flip and drowned.

The water should not be deep enough for that to be a possible problem. Boxies only need a large water dish, big enough for them to get into and only partially submerge . The rest of the enclosure should be organic potting soil (no added chemicals or Perlite) or coconut coir bedding, like bed-a-beast or jungle bed.

Here's a couple of boxie guides to make sure that you husbandry is correct:



Boxies are naturally high stress reptiles and is it very important that their captive set up absolutely correct at all times or stress related illness may occur.

Herping: Ornate box turtle (Terrapene ornata)

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