What kind of snake is this? (Photos included)?

I live in northeastern Wisconsin, and there is a snake in my yard. I'm not sure what type is, or if your poisonus. There are two snakes in Wisconsin that are poisonous, the timber rattlesnake and the Massasauga rattlesnake. That kinda looks like both. At first thought it was a timber rattlesnake but has no rattle. I think it's a Western Fox Snake, but his head is different from the pictures on google. Oh, and when his breath which had the fins on his head, a bit like a cobra. thanks for the help ---------------------------------------------- ----------------- My Photos: @ N08 /? Http: / / saved = 1 _________________________________________________ Do you think it looks like one of these / Ce / EEK / bugs / reptiles / snakes.htm -------------------------------------- -----

definitely looks like a hognose snake for me. They arent poisonous, but as with any snake, I love you not get bitten by a flattening of the head .... hognose is typical of a defense), too, the hognose snake this is indeed on the list in second link, so I think that's what you have and is very pretty

Massasauga Rattlesnake Research

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