Lizard Care Sheet

lizard care sheet
Haitian Curly-Tail Lizard Care?

I'm thinking of getting a Haitian lizard tail curl, and I looked at the care sheets online, but none of them say much about the heating and lighting. What I have to make lamps, when they are on, for how long, and the temperatures? please help!

Haitian Curly-Tail Lizards are similar to bearded dragons in their heating needs. Curly tails need a little cooler, 70 to 80 degrees tend to be sufficient (90 sun). nighttime temperatures can not fall below 60, ever. Both UV-A and UV-B light are necessary, because curly tails are diurnal (as opposed to night). When the lizards are nocturnal animals, they only need a heat source with UV-A. You may have heard talk undertank heaters. They are a great source of high heat for reptiles ... if you need an extra supply of heat. They get very hot and lizards like to sleep on them. Just remember to stick that on the underside of Cuba:) Also, as a curly-tailed lizards are desert creatures, there is no need for moisture. Only a little water if thirsty. Besides that, I'm sure you've done your fair share of research. I've never kept curly-tailed lizards, so I'm not exactly how good they are as pets, but I wish you good luck with your new friend! 🙂

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