Herp Habitats

herp habitats
Any person who uses a bioactive substrate in a tank or reptile reptiles?

I wondered if anyone had tried a natural habitat (real) the Facilities for a reptile or amphibian?

I personally use two different plants in my tank, but have had five different plants over half a year. I have also studied some specially designed tanks that are designed with integrated facilities in a super realistic setup that usually are quite expensive. Live plants themselves are not very difficult to care. The biggest problem is finding which are safe and which are not. I personally use a Sanseveria (Snake Plant) and Pothos, a climbing plant common. Both facilities are safe and durable. However, one problem I found is the difference between a Philodendron and Pothos. They look almost identical save for slots in the stems and sheaths at the base of the stem. This site has information to differentiate: http://waterroots.com/pothos.htm. The other thing is that you must buy at a nursery organic to avoid pesticides. They are not hard to find, but just not in large stores like Lowe's or Home Depot. Yellowbook organic nurseries and should be able to reach a number in your area. Live plants help retain moisture and make the tank look more realistic, but as feeders to eat sometimes, if you have a pleasant taste.

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