Five-lined Skink

five-lined skink
how to take care of a Southeast lined skink five pleas help!?

How to care for a lizard southeastern five-lined? wat do as he gives to eat and how to give water and wat to put in support of grounds!

They are sometimes called the blue-tailed lizard. lizard tail or red. Did you know you buy or catch. They live in the eastern U.S. and parts of Canada. A regular 20 gal. tank top would be adequate. Remember that as humid. I would definitely add a sterile recording cave to hide in. And then the men would never put together are very territorial. I would like to buy some potting soil ORGANIC. and then some stones. If you bring something out in your backyard remember you can carry bacteria, parasites, and possibly been exposed to some type of pesticide. I recommend buy, unless you know how to clean everything properly. I would feed them crickets bought from a pet store, feed gut loaded crickets. Then, just before feeding the cricket layer lizard "Reptical" I definitely want to check out Write five lined Skink

Brandon's Herp Adventures: Five-lined Skink

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