Feeding Reptile

feeding reptile

Reptile Feeding Day

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  2. Acank says:

    Hi Cris,I, too, have suffered from desrepsion and anxiety for years, with the anxiety getting worse and worse. My psychiatrist and I have struggled to find just the right formula (much like trying to find the perfect polish, LOL) to help me face things with more strength and determination. So, honey, I know how you feel. It is a struggle most days to get out of bed. Daily, I still want to get under my bedcovers and not come out. But I do, because others depend on me. My hubby, my brother (who lives with us and has his own mental and physical issues), as well as our 6 furbaby cats. In addition, I have terrible migraines and other physical issues to deal with. So, long story short, Cristina, I understand! Whether or not this helps you, I don’t know, but please do know that I think you are strong, dignified and write an awesome blog! I look forward to reading it every day. And above all, just keep pushing (but not too hard!). Don’t let yourself miss out on the wonderful things life has to offer. Make it a point to take it in, little by little, and tell yourself you can do it, because YOU CAN!! If you ever want to talk, email me at sbs dot 1956 at yahoo dot com. I’ll be glad to listen, talk, whatever. And love to Muffin! -^^-

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