Eastern Narrowmouth Toad

eastern narrowmouth toad

Eastern Narrowmouth Toad (Gastrophryyyyyyne carolinensis)

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  4. Darko says:

    Hi! I want to do something simailr to your projection. Could you share which template you used on 3ddaz? I can’t find the flying witch and bats. I love them! When you go to add music, is that during the video editing on servif? I love the dancing skeletons!!! Where did you get them? Thank you for all your help and and information! You and your family are so talented! 

  5. Sabbi says:

    First off I wanna thank you for the inspritation Iam now busy with manikg animations in DAZ3d, thnx to your info. Found the specs we needed for the beamer. I have only 1 question (srry to be a bother) You used 1 beamer,, did you make like a photo of your house and overlayed it? Greetings

  6. Hari says:

    Hi! I want to do something siiamlr to your projection. Could you share which template you used on 3ddaz? I can’t find the flying witch and bats. I love them! When you go to add music, is that during the video editing on servif? I love the dancing skeletons!!! Where did you get? them? Thank you for all your help and and information! You and your family are so talented!

  7. Esra says:

    First off I wanna? thank you for the inspritation Iam now busy with maknig animations in DAZ3d, thnx to your info.Found the specs we needed for the beamer. I have only 1 question (srry to be a bother)You used 1 beamer,, did you make like a photo of your house and overlayed it?Greetings

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