Corn Snake

corn snake
How do i properly handle a baby corn snake without him feeling fear or uncomfortable?

I own a baby corn snake for about one week now..I know pretty much all there is to know. Except handling situations. When i go to pick him up he coils up and lowers his head like hes about to strike but he does not strike. I just wait until he slithers around to grab him by the midsection. Any tips will help. Thanks.

I have a corn snake too, and the first time I held him, I got scared. At first I was afraid to touch him! Now I know though, that the best way to handle them is the first time you hold it, hold it for a while so it knows your smell, because they smell with their tongue. Then after that time, you just let it smell you and then it will not get scared when you pick it up. Also, try to grab it by the middle of the body after it smells you, that is safer for it. When you have it in your hands, do not squeeze it!!!!!!!! It will freak out and start to get wiggly and squirmy in your hands. If it is comfortable with you holding it, it will just stay calm in your hands. Just one last tip: do not approach it too fast or it will go away. Also, once I touched my snakes tail when it didn't see me, and it got so scared it flew out of the ground into the wall of the cage and didn't calm down for a hour! So don't do that!

Corn Snake Handling

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