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Leopard Gecko Sand-Making the Right Choice

Leopard Gecko sand should be a significant concern for all gecko owners before placing it in their gecko tank. If you are presently seeking information about leopard gecko sand, I will try to reveal a few pertinent facts with respect to leopard gecko sand one should be aware of.

Geckos dwell in a sandy natural environment, but something gecko enthusiasts would be wise to bear in mind is that the sand all of us see on the beach will be distinct from calcium sand.

Typical sand is produced out of insoluble minerals like small rock fragments, rendering it difficult for leopard geckos to ingest.  However, they won't be ingesting the sand; right?  Not so. Whenever geckos kill their prey, they place it directly on the sand in order to enjoy their prey. Therefore, it is not a good idea for gecko owners to buy regular sand for their gecko tanks.

Calcium sand is actually produced from of calcium carbonates, and this particular sand is an excellent means to add necessary calcium to your gecko's diet.  On the contrary, if big quantities of this sand are ingested, this could perhaps also bring about some considerable impaction for your little pet leopard gecko.

The Dilemma

A number of gecko owners are unclear about regular sand and calcium sand. Calcium sand is not, in actual fact, sand when it comes right down to it. However, geckos are from sandy regions, why can they not ingest regular sand? Considering the fact that your gecko is in captivity, sand used in tanks is not regarded to be identical to the sand in their natural setting. One cannot really duplicate this purely natural environment, even if your sand comes from Afghanistan or Pakistan, or exactly wherever your gecko originated from.


Even though some gecko owners do not make use of calcium sand, many nevertheless decide to purchase it due to the fact of its calcium content. If you really prefer not to chance the possibility an impaction, it would be safer and easy to choose newspaper or paper towels for your gecko's tank.

On the other hand, should you choose to utilize calcium sand, and become aware that your leopard gecko is consuming an over abundance, it probably would be a good plan to keep an eye on your pet to make sure your pet gecko is not encountering difficulties. Otherwise you will be taking your leopard gecko to the vet in the near future.

If you  observe that your gecko is facing complications, it would be advisable to try another choice of leopard gecko sand.  Nonetheless, prior to you actually doing so, it would be an excellent plan for you to bring your leopard gecko to the vet, and ensure that your gecko is in good healthy condition.

Also, it might be best  to simply call your herp veterinarian, and seek advice on leopard gecko sand, and ascertain his recommendations.


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