Bull Snake

bull snake
Does a desert terrain make a good bull snake cage?

I live in Texas and I was wondering if you can keep a bull snake in an aquarium that is mostly sand and pebbles to the bottom. I know they can live in the bush, but I wondering if they also live in the desert? Can you tell me how big the aquarium has to be?  About 20 gallons right?

A desert-themed enclosure should do well, provided they are able to maintain the proper temperature gradients and moisture. Bull snakes can grow to over 6 feet long, so they need a room which is considerably larger than 20 gallons. (Unless you are going to be breeding, and use a rack setup, in which case ou ywould not be asking about a desert-themed room. ) I keep my Great Basin gopher snake in an aquarium of 55 gallons which is only 4 feet long.  For more information, see these forums http://forums.kingsnake.com/forum.php?catid=69 about Pine / Bull / Gopher and snakes, and http://forums.kingsnake.com/forum.php? catid = 4 over the cages and enclosures.

Wild Bull Snake - Road Crossing Survivor!

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