Breeding Herps

breeding herps
what do pet cockroaches eat?

got one for my scorpion and it wouldn't eat it so i guess i have to keep it as a pet and eat it. so what do they eat. btw im asking this in reptiles because many reptile people are invert people or.....they breed roaches for their herps.
wow...........if you know nothing then don't waste our time. a tiny 1/2 inch cockroach will nto eat an adult mouse, don't insult your intelligence that's just eww gross
frank i have no idea what you are talking about so i am just going to ignore you....

mine get fruit and veg like apples, squashes, cucumber (seems to be a favorite) i prefer to feed them more solid fuit and veg like these as bananas oranges and tomatoes just tned to make a mess. they also are fed dry dog biscuits

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