Breeding Crickets To Feed Your Herps

Breeding Cricketsbreeding crickets.....
how long do I need to leave crickets in their breeding box?
I bought big crickets and put them into a box for them to breed.  I put in about 8 males and 8 females, they have been in the box for 3 days now and  Ican't see any eggs or any change?  Any advice?  I also don't know how wet the soil has to be?  Please anyone?

Ok, Ii have also started breeding crickets.  I have a rubbermaid tub with some egg crates and a 2" by 2"  tub with soil in it.  I had to leave the crickets in the tub for about 2 weeks before they started breeding every day.  Put about a fourth cup of water in the tub with the soil just to keep it moist but not soaked.   You'll need cricket food also.  It took me about 2 weeks to see any eggs and now I have a bunch of little baby crickets running around.  So I would leave the big crickets in for 2 weeks before you see any results.

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